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About This Project

During term four, 2009, a writing workshop consisting of grade 5/6 students at Bellaire Primary School learnt how to research and compose historical recounts. The students had complete control over their choices. The only condition they had was that their choice of topic had to be something that captured their attention but be one that they knew little about. We discussed the structure of an historical recount, that it was important to stick to the facts, and to be respectful towards any parties that were relevant to the topic. The students learnt to rate websites by the validity of their information when compared to others. They became critical readers of web based content in a short space of time.

The students published their recounts on a wikispace (the draft copy). Once the piece had been fully edited by themselves and proofread by myself, they were given the “keys” to this blog.

The students recorded their own podcast/audiobook of themselves reading their historical recount. Some used Garageband on MAC laptops, some used Audacity on PC desktops. They worked in pairs, one student was engineer while the other put the “performance to tape.” Then they would swap and repay the favour for one another.

Finally, they recorded their own ‘promos’ as a blog post to attract visitors to their historical recount page.

All students put 100% into this task. Engagement at its best. Enjoy their efforts and we welcome comments to the blog.



2 Responses

  1. Kia Ora from NZ – have been listening and watching Mr KT and learning all about the wonderful work you have been doing!!!! It was neat to see some of the students on Skype here in Christchurch @ the ULearn Conference 6.10.10

  2. Thank you ever so much Fay!
    It was great to get the feedback and thanks for being an integral part of the audience.

    Mr KT (Rick)

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