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Eliza R


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Victoria’s Black Saturday

It was 7.2.09 when the towns of marysville, Kinglake, Yarravalley,Moe and other towns were affected by bushfires in Victoria. apparently the police and the fire brigade think that someone had porposely lit it but no one can say for sure because it hasn’t been confirmed.Their are quite few reasons for why this fire could have started but until it has been confirmed no one can say for sure how the fire could have been caused.                                                        


2009’s summer was really hot with tempretures reaching up to 40°c. Some people think that the weather was the cause of the bushfires and if the tempreture reaches up to hot weather up to that sort of heat again people think that their could be bushfires this summer and into 2010 which is why their are alot of advertisments about preparing for a bushfire.

A fair few towns were affected by the bushfire and alot of the communities lost lives, houses and things that meant a lot to them. 210 people died during the fire, fortunetly some people were lucky and escaped the fire. Now people are rebuliding their lives and their towns.

A lot of pets and wildlife were hurt, injured or killed during the fire. Some wildlife we got to know such as Sam the koala but recntly he died aswell. Luckly some animals survived and same with family pets animals.


Since the bushfires, schools, businesses and clubs have donated alot of money, in term 1 bellaire had a casual clothes day and a disco week together we raised a fair bit of money.the bushfire appeal raised $378 million dollars.

You couldn’t say that everyone came out of the event with smiles on their faces but over the months people have came close together to rebuild a new life.



One Response

  1. Hi Eliza,

    You chose a good relevant topic. I think you have done a good job of summarizing the event. I liked the way you included about money raised and the appeals that were run to help the people that were effected.

    Helen 🙂

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