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Emily G

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Michael Jackson

On June 25th 2009 Michael Jackson sadly passed away in hospital after he was found on his floor in his house. He was declared dead at 2:26 pm. It is alleged that the wrong drugs were given.They think it is a homicide from his doctor.They are yet to declare if the doctor is guilty.

Michael was a star he had plenty of screaming fans and there were few who dressed in his clothes. He was born on Aug 28. His video clip ‘Thriller’ was very well done, it is packed with plenty of zombies and creepy dancing. It is in fact 14 min long it is declared the longest video clip. But moving onto before his death he was a very “healthy man” before death quotes his doctor.

On the 27th of Jan 1984 there was a stage fire in LA where Michael was performing and he burnt his hand badly. So he made a glove that was white with real diamonds on it and wears it on stage. Another thing that Michael Jackson went through was also when he bleached his skin white and nobody knows why or who did it.

Sadly on the 25th of June he was found unconscious in his home he was rushed to hospital and sadly was confirmed dead at 2:26pm. His funeral was on the 4th at the Memorial Park in LA, family only. Everyone was shocked and very sad. It is alleged that his doctor gave him the wrong drugs.

“This is it.” Michael’s final concert was almost done and ready for performance. So you could imagine the shock when the news came through that he had died. So they are now showing in cinemas of what they have got on camera. It in cinemas on the Oct 30th. His goal was to rebuild his career. But sadly he has no career anymore. His fans will miss him.

Michael was a great person happy and as you can see in “This is it.” He always tried to build up his career. Also he will change his family’s life his kid’s life and his fans. He has changed people’s lives.


9 Responses

  1. good job i realy liked that you did him it was realy good

  2. what a great topic to choose I hardly knew about his death and now I know what happened.

  3. that was very Interesting

  4. I had a great time reading your story
    Micheal Jackson R.I.P

  5. That was really good infomationand I didn’t know all those facts about Michael jackson and it is sad how he died and when he’s famous did the moonwalk as well.

  6. I thought that was fantastic, there was heeaps of information and he was a great person to choose to wright about. It was really sad to hear that he passed away. great work well done!!!

  7. It was great how you told us about Michael’s career, his life and his death.
    That was Fantastic. You had some great information in that piece of work .

  8. it was long and it had good info and it was really sad.

  9. Hi Emily,

    Awesome choice! You have written a really interesting and detailed recount about his life to death. Fabulous Job.

    Helen 🙂

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