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Holly M

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Portrait 1          Princess Diana’s Death

August, 31st 1997 was a day that would live in through the generation of the royal family and the world. Lady Diana, 36, crashed in the Mercedes Benz on the entrance to the Pont De A‘lama tunnel in Paris, France. Some allegedly say she was 3 weeks pregnant.

Diana was making herself up for her night out with her partner Dodi Al Fayed and his body guard, Trevor Reese-Johns and the Mercedes Benz driver, Henri Paul, at the RitZ hotel on August 31st in 1997. Dodi asked to have a bottle of champagne waiting for Diana and Dodi on their return. He told his butler ‘Rene, I’m going to propose to her tonight’ (quoted on public intrest.com)

 Princess Diana's crash

After having some Alcohol and dining in at the RitZ, they then left to return to Dodi’s apartment, Detectives show that they were never wearing there seatbelts. When they entered the entrance to the Pont De A’lama, Henri then lost control of the wheel, sending the Mercedes Benz into the wall of the Paris tunnel. Killing only Lady Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul himself, Trevor Reese Johns was the only survivor.

 After hours of trying to revive the mob, doctors said ‘They’re gone, and that’s it’ (publicintrest.com.) Heartbreak set over the royal family and the world for weeks and maybe even months, to try to relive the pain of their loss of beloved wife, mother and Princess of love and peace.



4 Responses

  1. That is a really interesting topic and a lot of info you have put into this and great pics.

  2. Your information was great and interesting.
    Plus great Detail.

  3. Your information was great and interesting.
    Plus great Detail.

  4. Hi Holly,

    You have definitely put lots of effort and detail into this piece of writing. You have chosen some good pictures that really match what you wrote about. Princess Diana was certainly very loved and most was devastated when she died.

    Helen 🙂

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