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Justin P

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World War II


kokoda track 3

Kokoda Bushland (Arthur Chapman)

In July, 1942, in the Second World War Australia went to Papua New Guinea to form a resistance at the front line. They would be in a tough battle against the larger Japanese force. The Japanese landed at Papua New Guinea on July 21st. There plan was to land at Buna and Gona and cross the land to Port Moresby and attack Australia. The Australians responsibility was for the defence of New Guinea and overall Australia.

In late July, 1942 the Japanese were confronted by the 39th Battalion and the Papuan Infantry Battalion at Kokoda. Despite the Australian and Papuan resistance Kokoda fell to the larger Japanese force before reinforcements from Port Moresby including the 53rd, 2/14 and the 2/16 had arrived.

At Isurva the Australians had managed to hold it. Private Bruce Kingsbury of the 2/14 Battalion was killed when he rushed forward at the enemy with his Bren gun driving the enemy back. He was the awarded the first Victoria Cross Medal in the New Guinea campaign.

Kokoda track 2

Kokoda Bushland (Arthur Chapman)

Throughout September, 1942 the Australians withdrew down the Kokoda Track. They were then joined by the 2/27 making further stands against the Japanese at Eora Creek, Templeton’s Crossing, Efogi, Mission Ridge and Ioribaiwa. The numbers of wounded and the sick had increased.

More troops had arrived at the defensive position at Imita Ridge. The Japanese were exhausted they had been forced to cross mountain’s they had also run out of supplies. This resulted the Japanese to withdraw from the Kokoda track which gave the Australians a chance to advance forward but they soon realized the Japanese had slipped away. Six weeks later the Australians had reached Kumusi River, the battle of Kokoda was over.

Overall the battle of Kokoda was won by the Australians. Nowadays alot of Australians have walked the track to remember the soldiers who lost their lives there. Lest we forget.

Kokoda Memorial

Kokoda Memorial (Arthur Chapman)


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  1. Hi Justin,

    You have chosen a really interesting topic. I like the pictures you have chosen with the scenery and also the memorial. I never really knew about what happened at Kokoda. Fantastic Work!

    Helen 🙂

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