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Madi G

Princess Diana’s Death 

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Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles and had been part of the British Royal Family. Princess Diana had a car crash on Sunday 31st of August 1997. The place the crash occurred was called de l’ Alma. A tunnel in the centre of Paris, France.

The Princess was at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. She was with her friend Dodi AL Fayed. They left the Ritz in a Mercedes car. Their driver was called Henri Paul.

The Princess’ car was getting chased by journalists and photographers on motorbikes at high speed. They entered the tunnel. They hit a post and smshed into a wall. Mr Al Fayed and Henri Paul died immediately at the scene of the accident. Diana and her bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones were rushed to hospital. Princess Diana died some hours later. Trevor Rees Jones was the only survivor. Princess Diana’s funeral was on the 6th of September 1997. Over 2.5 billon people watched it.
Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer said ” She was the essence of compassion.”

The death of Princess Diana was a tragedy that is still felt in the world today.She wasa very popular Princess who was loved all over the world. Unfortunately the newspaper and magazine journalists , and photographers hounded her constantrly which resulted in her death. As a consequence some censorship of the press has occurred and they have become more responsible when reporting.



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  1. Hi Madi,

    Great Work! I like the picture you selected and think you have written your recount very well. I agree that it is very sad that Princess Diana died!

    Helen 🙂

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