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Nick B


sari club after bomb (cleasun 2000's)

Bali BombingsClick on the play button below to listen along with Nick’s great podcast!

[On the 12th of October 2002 at 11:05 pm 2 members of the group Jemaah Islamiyah called Noordin Mohammad and Abu Baker Bashir walked into the Paddy Pub in Kuta, Bali looking casual and drunk when they placed a backpack on the ground which contained a bomb, set to go off at 11:08 pm. They snuck out and planted a bomb in a white Mitsubishi van set to go off 15 seconds after the first. The blast killed 88 Australians and later on the Bali bombers spoke out and said “we weren’t trying to kill the Australians and we were only targeting Americans because we believe that the westeners world is evil but we like the Australians.Mid- august 2002 Noordin Mohammad, some members of Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu baker bashir met together to plan out who they were going to target, what materials they were going to use and what they’ll do to kill their target. In September 2002 the Bali bombers had their second meeting and decided that they would choose Bali as their target. Early October the Bali bombers decided that they would declare themself suicide bombers and kill all Americans.At approximately 11:08 pm a bomb went off towards the back of the paddy pub and made everyone flee onto the streets 15 seconds later another bomb went off in a white Mitsubishi van which was the most powerful bomb out of all 3 that went off. There was also a bomb that went off at the American consulate that didn’t cause that much damage. Later on the police confirmed that the material that the bomb was made out of was C-4 material which is the same material that grenades are made out of. The first bomb was like a trick bomb because it made everyone panic and run out onto the streets, where another bomb would go off sending them flying and possibly killing all of them that is in it’s range. The bomb at the American consulate was like to warn the Americans that the bombers were after them, and they don’t believe in the way they live.The 2 bombs that went off caused 202 people to die either on the street or in hospital. “After the bomb had gone off I was helping people and making sure that were alright. At the time Bali was a very bloody place to be at,” said Gary Nash as Quoted in Jason McCartney after Bali. There was also 209 people that was injured in the blasts. The 3 bombs that went off were suicide bombs, car bombs and other bomb that was at American consulate. The main group behind the bombs was Jemaah Islamiyah although Noordin Mohammad had done most of the work.12 days before the 3rd year anniversary there was another bomb in Bali that killed 20 people and injured 129. The suspects for this bomb were the same as the last, Noordin Mohammad and some other people in the group Jemaah Islamiyah. This bought back a lot of painful memories for the people in the 2002 Bali Bombings victims. On September 17th 2009 the Indonesian police gunned down Noordin Muhammad and also chased down a group of 6 or 7 other people and are now tracking down the rest of the group Jemaah Islamiyah. On the 9th of November2008 at 12:15 Abu Bakar Bashir was executed by the firing squad. There would be at least 100 people that would be able to tell you that the Bali bombings was like hell!The reason why I think that this is a historical event is because there were at least 22 countries involved because they all had someone that was injured, killed by the blast or even to help out the hospitals that had victims and help clean up the bomb site.

bali memorial (CeeKay's Pix)

Jason McCARTNEY after bali (the_reid_factor's)



5 Responses

  1. Nick – this is a great report full of useful facts and a a broad insight into a dark day of history. The podcast was well done and you should be proud of your efforts.

    Excellent work!

  2. Well done Nick, This is a great piece of writting and shows that you worked very hard. Great reading on the pod cast as well.

  3. Well done great effort. very accurate account and good use of your technical skills to edit your commentary and add back ground music.

  4. Hi Nick just to let you now that your story was very interesting and exiting…. Keep up the good effort…..!!!!!
    ^_^ 😀 :p

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