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The first pyramid was built in Egypt 2630 B.C the pyramid was built by pharaoh Djoser. The pyramid is called Egypt first pyramid because it is the first pyramid in Egypt it is also called step pyramid of Djoser it is called that because it was named after the king Djoser and he died and he was buried in this tomb pyramid 


The first pyramid in Egypt was called step pyramid of Djoser. That was the first pyramid in Egypt. It was made in 2630 B.C


30 years later they built another pyramid it was 92 meters high and it was built in 2600 B.C Madura was the location now some of it has been cut off.


The next pyramid was built in the same year but a different location. The location is Pusher. It is 105 meters high. It was the first attempt of the original shape.


Later they made another pyramid it was called Egypt first true pyramid it was made in 2600 B.C


The building of the pyramids remains an important series of events people go to visit Egypt amazing pyramids. It is a place filled with history wonder. From the first pyramid in Egypt till now there has been many pyramids has been built and that  is why Egypt is the place to be to see pyramids because there is only one place that has pyramids and that is Egypt


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