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Tommy N

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By George Whittberger

Twin Towers         


On September 11th, 2001, an incident occurred that shook the world. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers World Trade Centre, New York City, America, carrying nineteen Al Quaeda terrorists committing a suicide attack. Fires on upper floors and the impact of the planes caused the building to collapse, killing thousands of people.

On the early morning of September 11th, nineteen Al Quaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger planes in an attempt to commit a suicide attack. One of the airliners crashed into the Pentagon, Virginia, another into an empty field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The final two planes were aimed into the Twin Towers, New York City…

At approximately 8:46am, the airliners crashed into the World Trade Centre, with passersby having no idea what was happening. Suddenly realising, people screamed, ran away from the falling debris and quickly got out their cameras to get a shot of the horrific sight. The plane impact and fires on upper floors eventually made the building become weak and fall.               

At around 10:30am, the buildings became stable, no longer standing tall. The FDNY quickly got 200 units to the site, the NYPD sent their ESUs and other police, along with their Aviation Unit. On scene they quickly began searches for injured and missing civilians.  Many people had died.

The US’s response was ‘War on Terrorism’. They invaded Afghanistan to depose of the Taliban. Other countries strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and their police powers, doing everything they could to make sure a similar incident wouldn’t happen to them.

2995 people died in total on the fateful day, with nobody surviving from any of the plane crashes. It makes you feel glad that you weren’t involved the terrifying incident, but a bit guilty at the same time that Iyou were ok and people were dying. After months of around the clock operations, the site was eventually cleared by late May 2002. In 2006, an office was built on site 7 WTC and another office is due to be finished on site 1 WTC by 2011, being the tallest building in North America.

By Macten

Tommy M.N.

By Wallyg




5 Responses

  1. awesome your speech was read very well. i could tell u put a lot of effort in to your research.

  2. That was really interesting and there was a lot of things that I did not know.

  3. cool what alot of info you have put into this and what great pics.

  4. This was really good, I found it interesting and alot of information. It was a very sad thing that happend!

  5. It was a horrible thing that happened, we hope it never happens again, what you wrote was great, you seem to put a lot of thought into your work. Well done!

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