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Will S

JFK and Daughter

By thesmuggler-night of swallows

J.F.K Assassination   

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It was dawn on November 22nd, 1963 as Mr.Kennedy stepped into his limousine with wife Jaquelin. He had been President for only 2 years, 10 months and 2 days and was a young, up and coming President with good ideas for the future of America. Kennedy was due to be apart of a motorcade which was to take place in Dallas, Texas through the streets of Dealey Plaza. But little did he know it was to be the last day that he would ever see.

It was 12pm on a nice sunny day in Dallas as the motorcade started cruising down the streets of Dealey Plaza. As he travelled down Old Court House Road, people lined the streets just to get a look at their beloved President. As the car turned into Houston Street, the crowd roared and Mr.Kennedy smiled. Soon after the motorcade turned onto Elm Street. This was the street that proved to be the final street that Mr.Kennedy would travel down. As he waved to the people the First Lady Of Texas turned to Mr.Kennedy and said, “Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas Doesn’t love you,” to which he acknowledged.

At 12:30pm Mr.Kennedy passed the Texas School Book Depository Building. At this very moment in time Mr.Kennedy was shot in the upper-back which penetrated his neck. The Governor also was hit by the same bullet which penetrated his back, chest, wrist and thigh. His response was my god they’re going to kill us all!” The second shot took place about 50m down the road. Straight after many say time paused as a fist size hole burst out from the side of Mr.Kennedy’s head. Wife Jaqueline said “I have his Brains in My hands.

White House


Nearly straight after his death Mr.Kennedy was taken to aboard Air Force One to Andrews Air Field outside Washington D.C. Kennedy’s body was taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The autopsy found that there was a 5-6 inch gap between the bullet hole and the upper collar of Mr. Kennedy’s shirt. But a later film depicting his death showed that his shirt was wrinkled. The autopsy later found that the bullet that penetrated his skull was no longer in his head.

After about a week the FBI had caught who they thought killed the President. After being taken in for questioning they had put a face to the crime. Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald was due to go to court, but 2 days before trial, ‘Oswald’ was shot by local night club owner Jack Ruby. Ruby was apparently linked to a local crime gang. But it wouldn’t have mattered if Ruby didn’t kill Mr.Oswald. The effect that the death of Mr.John.F.Kennedy had already got to the hearts of Americans and citizens around the world.

JFK Single

By thesmuggler-night of swallows


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  1. Great work. There is some really good info in there. great

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